Training with Susan in Process-Oriented Psychology

Dr. Susan Hatch

Dr. Susan Hatch

On the Gold Coast

1. Advanced Supervision Course

Monthly on Friday evenings. Nerang, Queensland.

This course is full for 2009. Please enquire about forming another training group for 2009 or for sign up for 2010.

2. Body Symptoms - The Great Teachers - four day training

How to work with Body Symptoms in a Process Oriented Way - Please see separate blog page.

In Melbourne

Following The Process - Melbourne Training Course, 2009
Dates  & Times
Each day commences at 10am, finishing at 5pm, on the following weekends;
14 & 15 March, 23 & 24 May, 18 & 19 July, 12 & 13 September, 28 & 29 November.

This course is beneficial for anyone who works with people and is interested in bringing more awareness and skills to their work. Those who are currently enrolled include parents, teachers, psychologists, doctors, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, artists, organisational facilitators, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and body workers and there is no pre-requisite for attending except a keen and curious mind and an interest in understanding ourselves and other people.

Susan brings the wisdom gathered from over 18 years experience delivering Process Work training, to
offer workshops that honour both the intellectual and somatic learning experience, by balancing accessible theory with experiential process.

The first weekend focuses on refining ‘path awareness’ by becoming better at noticing signals and process structure. How do we know when we are on the right track, in our own lives, working with clients in the therapeutic setting or facilitating groups? An excellent first training for those new to Process Work and those not-so-new who know you can never be ‘too skilled’ when it comes to signals and structure.
The second weekend will explore Process Works’ approach to inner-work; how we understand our own experience of life and the insight this brings to our every day world. The mysteries locked in the realm of the
dreaming world will be explored in the third weekend. How to work with night time dreams (your own and those of clients) and how the dreaming process happens in our waking lives and the lives of groups.
The nature of Relationship; how to be in them, how to work with them, will be the focus of the fourth weekend. A particularly good weekend for anyone who interacts with others!!
The fifth and final weekend will explore the intriguing sphere of group work (referred to as World Work in Process Work), using the understanding offered by Deep Democracy - all voices are heard.

This training series is formally recognized for students in both Certificate and Diploma Process Work Studies.

Training Fees
Ten days training for $1760 incl GST
For those new to Process Work and/or Susan’s work, a single weekend enrolment
can be made at a cost of $352.
The workshop series will be held in Kew,
Accommodation & Travel

Billeting is available for out-of-town participants and some airport pickups may be available.

Expressions of interest for car pooling can be made through the training organiser.
To register/enquire
For bookings, payment information and all other
enquires, please contact the training organiser,
Liz Scarfe;
M 0425 785 405
AH 03 9489 1737

Check out and contribute to Susan’s course blog at

Testimonials from the 2008 course:
“Susan is a role model of integrity, universal love and acceptance. She sets the standard for teachers of awareness and therapeutic practise and I no longer settle for anything less.”

Elizabeth, Manager of Volunteering Resources

“I have felt privileged to be part of these trainings. Susan’s hope for growing awareness in herself, her students and the world through deep democracy, along with her ability to create a space for students to “be” and also to“become” is a gift beyond words.”

Mara , Social Worker

“Susan has taught me that to be comfortable with only knowing what I know when I know it at
any point in time and that criticizing myself after the event is self-abuse.”
Janine, Psychotherapist
I learnt a lot about myself as a therapist in these workshops – when to push and when not to; noticing a clients signals; and the sessions on how to work with abuse were beautifully framed.
Julia, Counselor