Body Symptoms the Great Teachers

An article by Dr. Susan Hatch
Copyright 2009

Working with body symptoms using Process Work is essentially about training our attention and awareness, rather than curing illnesses. Process Work assumes that there is an intelligent force that flows through us, one that is interconnected, patterned and inherently wise. This force gives rise to impulses and sensations as it emerges through our body experiences. We needn’t continue to be simply victims, or even unwilling recipients, of these processes, but can  use our awareness and connect with that wisdom, and even with the source of that wisdom. We can allow that flow of intelligence, that wisdom that is inherent in the cosmos, to be felt in our bodies and to be welcomed, even amplified, and discerned bringing deep meaning and renewed life into our everyday lives, and our relationships. And that’s worth celebrating!

Stay tuned: This article is under construction.

(My thanks to Vanessa Toy for help with transcription of a class I gave in Melbourne in 2007 from which this was taken)